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Houston students participate in NFL Development Program


On Saturday, 40 Houston-area high school football players congregated at Reliant Stadium for the NFL's High School Player Development Program.

The seven-hour event provided participants with an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through a character development presentation with NFL Player Engagement's Player Prep, competitive exercises and a community service activity at the Houston Food Bank.

Following a presentation by former NFL player Luther Ellis, students went across the street to the Houston Methodist Training Center for interactive drills.

Exercises ranged from blindfolded "follow the leader" to figuring out a way for a team of 10 large teenagers to fit through a hole two feet wide. Each activity taught communications skills, trust and problem solving with the objective for students to join in cohesion and learn from one another.

The HSPD participants were referred to the program by their football coaches, who believed the player demonstrates leadership qualities such as teamwork, integrity, dedication and commitment.

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