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Houston Texans Mock Draft Challenge underway


The Houston Texans have launched the 2013 Mock Draft Challenge, an interactive application where fans can predict the outcome on the 2013 NFL Draft. Participants can select the player they believe the Texans will take with the 27th pick and the player positions that will be drafted in the second and third rounds.

Contestants with the most points win gift cards.

As of Thursday morning, 506 entries have been submitted, with the top eight candidates all playing the wide receiver position. The most popular first-round pick is currently Clemson's DeAndre Hopkins who has received 131 votes (26.2%). The second leading vote-getter in the category is Justin Hunter of Tennessee who garnered 58 votes, followed by USC's Robert Woods, who has racked up 44 votes. Keenan Allen of California rounds out the top four with 32 votes.

Linebacker Kevin Minter was the highest-placed non-wide receiver in the first-round mix, currently in ninth with 13 votes.

In regards to the Texans' second pick, 25.2% of participants are banking on an inside linebacker selection while 19% believe a wide receiver would be more beneficial.

For the third round, it's a tight race between selecting an inside linebacker (77 votes) and a tackle (72 votes). has surveyed 26 mock drafts from both local and national media outlets, and of those surveyed, 69% believe the Texans will choose a wide receiver with their 27th overall pick. The top candidates are Hopkins (23%), Woods (15%), and Allen (12%).

Fans can join in on the draft action and make their predictions here.

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