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Houston Texans promote triathlon, healthy living to kids

The Houston Texans, in conjunction with the NFL PLAY 60 initiative, went on an outreach tour to three local elementary schools to promote the Houston Kids Triathlon which takes place Sunday, April 14 at the University of Houston. Nose tackle Earl Mitchell, quarterback Case Keenum, and guard Wade Smith each visited different schools to encourage students to get active while educating them on triathlons.

"It's a blast," Keenum said after rallying youngsters at a Colony Meadows Elementary assembly. "First of all, it's always fun to see how excited they get about Texans. Just the Houston Texans players coming here and they go crazy. Just to see the support we have in the community, giving back and coming and hanging out with kids is always a blast."

The presentation revolved around five main objectives: to educate students on triathlons, teach them why exercise is important, discuss the benefits of eating right and fueling their bodies, provide them with health information from the perspective from an NFL player, and encourage them to become triathletes.

"With all the video games and things you can do inside, just getting outside and playing, that's a great cause and a great way of encouraging kids to do that kind of stuff," Keenum said.

Smith, who visited the Presbyterian School in Houston, stressed to students that being active is a vital part of a person's life, regardless of age or occupation. He participated in a "healthy eating" contest, scarfing down fruits and vegetables alongside school staff.

"It goes right in lines with my foundation and our beliefs as well and it ties in with the NFL message of Play 60," Smith said. "Anytime that you're affecting kids in a positive way, I'm all for it."

For more information on the Houston Kids Triathlon, click here.

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