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HTC results: Week 10

Congratulations to

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In the Celebrity League, Adam Wexler, aka "Couch Potatoes", scored big on Monday Night Football and finished with 122 points to win Week 10 of the TCL over last week's winner Butch Alsandor (113 points) and, yes, he's back…Carmine Pirone (109 points).  Wexler was trailing by a sizable margin heading into MNF, but hanging onto a glimmer of hope that the Bucs would try to single cover the 5'9" Steve Smith with the 6'3" Juran Bolden, however, more importantly, that the diminutive receiver was feeling queasy.  His antics worked and Smith's eight catches for 143 yards and a TD provided Wexler with 20 points and a big win.  It's rumored that Wexler, too, has been has been seen dragging a trash can into the studio when he fills in for the AM show.

After several big weeks in a row, Bart Enis' "Mystery Men" plummeted from 3 rd in cumulative points to 8 th with his 59 points and last place finish.  Enis' meteoric fall in the overall standings this week confirms that there is a lot of season left to be played and that the vaunted Statue is still up for grabs.

In the quest for the TCL Statue, Matt Jackson (MJ's Shake and Bake) saw his lead slip from 108 points to 80 points with less than two months to go.  The TCL Top 3 overall standings are: 

  1. Matt Jackson (MJ's Shake and Bake) – 1,072 points
  2. Adam Wexler (Couch Potatoes) – 992 points

Butch Alsandor (The Butchers) – 976 points

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