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Huge Crowd, High Schools and the Horseshoe | Daily Brew


It's Colts week and I have to say that historically, match-ups with the Horseshoe are consistently the biggest on the schedule. It was true in the Manning days and it was true in the following eras with Luck and Brissett.

And it's true now.

We have an exciting new chapter of this series served up on Sunday. Here's a chance to get to know this year’s version of the Colts, with the guru, Johnny Harris.

It's one thing to get acquainted with Indy. But what about what the Colts think of these Texans. It's a strong mutual admiration society.

Johnny and I had a great visit with the head coach this week. The fact that he played, as a Texan, against this adversary and he's now coaching against them is very special. See if I was bordering on unprofessional when I expressed my joy about this at the onset of the interview.

And since this is a huge rival, we asked coach to weigh in on his biggest high school rival (we all know who the college one is). We also asked Nick Caserio this question, in addition to everything else we asked Nick, on this edition of Texans All Access.

In the episode, we also catch up with Texans President, Greg Grissom. Nothing about his high school rival but plenty about the massive crowd expected at NRG and the fact that there are many new things to know about as you go the game (Early, please. Be in your seat at 11:30. The pregame is fire!).

Every week I sit down with the opposing team's play by play announcer. Matt Taylor is the voice of the Colts and he's a terrific guy. I often joke about my 'sports hatred' for various teams but that just adds to the fun. It has nothing to do with the fine people who work in the organization.

For instance, Brad Sham, the legendary voice of the Cowboys, is a prince of a man. But he's not going to change my feelings about the boys from the DFW area. Here’s my talk with Matt.

There are some current and former Texans who played high school ball in the area. We all know about Jalen Pitre, Jerry Hughes, Kenyon Green and others. Back in the day, Earl Mitchell was a standout D-lineman for the Texans who played at North Shore. The former Mustang sat down with ND Kalu in the latest Texans OGs.

Earl's story was even part of a program that recently won a Lone Star Regional Sports Emmy. He was featured in 'Homegrown' and you can learn more about his journey starting at the 17:55 mark of this link.

When you see some of the OGs walking the hall, some look like they can still play. Especially the head coach. But we need him on the sidelines now. Big days are ahead and Sunday is one of them.

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