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We're in the thick of it.

Good Thursday morning to you. Scratch that: Good WEDNESDAY morning. Because the game at Indianapolis is on Saturday night, the Texans' practice week got shoved a day forward. So yesterday, instead of a day off, the Texans had a walkthrough practice. Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and quarterback C.J. Stroud held their weekly press conferences. 

So today is like a Thursday, practice-wise. Tomorrow is like a Friday, and on real Friday the Texans will fly to Indianapolis for the Saturday game. 

**Here** is a quick refresher on what went down yesterday.

Stroud spoke a bit about the team chemistry and how excellent it's been this year. Joshua Koch has more, **HERE**.

There were a TON of fan questions this week in the mailbag. There were so many, I've split it in two. You can read yesterday's by clicking **HERE**. I'll have the second part of the mailbag later this week.

Remember: if the Texans win, they're in the playoffs. If they lose, the season is over. If they win, and the Jaguars lose, Houston's hosting the Browns in the first round of the playoffs next weekend. But what happens with a filthy tie? Greg Rajan of the Houston Chronicle answered that question HERE.

These two squads squared off in Week 2, and Indianapolis coasted to a victory. But that was a long time ago, and both teams are drastically different, as Jonathan Alexander of the Houston Chronicle wrote **HERE**.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have the call on ESPN's Saturday night broadcast of the game. Click **HERE** to find out how/where to watch it.

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