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Tank Dell return date, uniform unveiling & more | Fans Wanna Know

Got a question about the Texans?
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**NOTE: There were so many questions from fans, that we'll release a second article later this week with more answers.**

Jonathan Mendez: Dear Drew, When we make the playoffs does Tank Dell have a chance to play?
DD: No, unfortunately. He's on the injured reserve, and the Texans have already used up their eight call-ups this season.

Head Coach DeMeco Ryans said Dell would be ready for the offseason conditioning program that starts in April, and it was great to see Dell on the field before the game.

Daniel Fenters: Dear Drew, Are we getting new uniforms for next season?
DD: Yes. They'll be revealed the week of the NFL Draft in April. If the Texans don't play again at NRG Stadium in the playoffs, Sunday was the last time you'll see them wear the home uniforms they've worn since 2002.

Joseph Lie: Dear Drew, Are the new unifomrs going to have "H-Town Blue" being a primary color? Are we going to have a new logo as well?
DD: No, and no.

But H-Town Blue will be incorporated in some of the four uniforms the Texans will wear next season.

The logo isn't changing.

Brandon Butcher: Dear Drew, How often do players get to have a rest day where they could just do whatever they want?
DD: Every Tuesday during the regular season, provided they aren't playing a Thursday-nighter, or a Saturday game later in the season, the players have a day off. While they're technically free to do whatever they want, many come to the stadium to get treatments to help their bodies heal/prepare. Many more wind up doing some sort of work in the community on their own, or through the team.

Walter Vega Pineda: Dear Drew, Who is your hero?
DD: Enrique Iglesias. My mom and dad. Hakeem Olajuwon. Cal Ripken, Jr. Abraham Lincoln. Pete Mitchell.

Jenny Woodward: Will the Texans have involvement with the female Flag football movement in Texas High Schools? As big as the sport is growing, young ladies need more support in Texas HS. Several Texas girls are receiving college scholarships and even representing our country in the sport, but there's no representation in High School.
DD: They will, and they already do, as you can read HERE.

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