It does a body good

Sigh...where were Steve McKinney and Zach Wiegert when we needed them?

Sure, Tuesday was the Texans' day off, but you know Houston's two offensive linemen would have jumped at the chance to harass quarterback David Carr in the locker room as his sported his milk mustache.


Carr did a photo shoot with 3-A-Day Dairy in conjunction with the company's nutrition education campaign. It took a few takes to get the mustache just right.

In all seriousness, calcium does indeed do a body good and Carr was more than happy to help with the promotion.

"Seventy percent of preteen girls and 60 percent of preteen boys do not meet their calcium recommendations during these critical bone-building years," said Lana Frantzen, nutritionist with Dairy MAX, the local dairy council. "David is a role model for children and will help share the message that good health starts with dairy."

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