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J.J. Watt delivers Papa John's Pizza to fans

With flour on his hands and a smile on his face, Texans defensive star J.J. Watt attempts to toss some pizza dough up in the air in an awkward, off-axis spiral.

The dough plops on the floor of the Main Street Papa John's Pizza location. Watt feigns embarrassment and employees chuckle.

Someone in the back of the restaurant yells "It's because your hands are too big!"

That's how the All-Pro spent his Tuesday, the Texans' only off-day: preparing and delivering pizzas.

The philanthropic Watt, who used to deliver pizzas back in college, teamed up with Papa John's at the beginning of the season for a good cause. The "Preferred Pizza of the Houston Texans" has donated 10 percent of all Tuesday sales to the J.J. Watt Foundation, which provides after-school opportunities for children in the community so that they can become involved in athletics.

"The ability to use all this fame and this success that we've had for good," Watt says is his favorite part about this endeavor. "To be able to give back to the kids and to see them succeed. My charity's been around for four years now and to see some of the kids grow up and start to get college acceptance letters and say that they believed in 'Dream Big, Work Hard'  in middle school and now they're going off to college, it's unbelievable."

After preparing pies in store, Watt spent the remainder of the afternoon surprising lucky fans with home deliveries.

"It's fun to say hello to fans and see the looks on their faces and to kind of go back out there and say thank you," Watt said. "Something as simple as ordering a pizza, they helped raise money for kids and they're gonna help change lives, so it's pretty cool."

Flashback to his delivery days, what did a perfect night in the workplace look like for Watt?

"As long as I didn't eat the pizza on the way, we were good."

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