Jaelen Strong putting "bricks on the house"


The two catch, two touchdown performance by Jaelen Strong last Thursday night was a form of that, in the eyes of quarterback Brian Hoyer.

"It's just validating what we've started to see in practice with Jaelen," Hoyer said. "He's practiced really hard, whether it be scout team with the offense or whatever it might be. You really see him coming along."

In Week 5 Strong was active for just the second game of his NFL career. He didn't play in Week 1, despite being active. He came down with a Hail Mary score at the end of the first half, and was all by his lonesome for a third quarter scoring catch. The rookie from Arizona State had his confidence bolstered, and explained why.


"When you go out there and get reps and start learning more and more, you become more confident," Strong said. "The difference is just how I'm handling everything. Just being patient."

The patience, and production in the game and in practice, will likely lead to more passes going his way, according to Bill O'Brien.

"He's really learned how to pay attention to detail a little more each and every week," O'Brien said. "I can see him playing more and more in our offense."

Offensive coordinator George Godsey agreed, and said he was encouraged by what he's seen recently from Strong in practice. 

"Each week with Jaelen it's another step, and we always say just keep putting the bricks on the house," Godsey said. "I think he laid the foundation so to say for the first game, and he's got to continue to do that each week."

Strong, who rang up 53 yards on the two catches, is keeping his focus narrow for the week ahead.

"It's a new team, a new gameplan," Strong said. "So, I'll do what I'm coached to do."

Strong and the Texans practice Thursday and Friday, and will fly to Jacksonville on Saturday.


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