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Joe Webb, III does it all in Kansas City

For the first quarter-and-a-half of Thursday night's 17-10 preseason win at Kansas City, Joe Webb, III played on various special teams units for the Texans.

But at the 7:26 mark of the second quarter Webb came in at quarterback, where he stayed for the remainder of the game.

A veritable Swiss Army knife, Webb pointed out the benefits of his versatility after the 17-10 victory.

"The more you can do, the better," Webb said.

He led the Texans in rushing yards, and also completed six passes for 56 yards. Webb's contributions on special teams underscored how valuable he can be on a 53-man roster. Switching seamlessly to going under center from playing on the coverage units wasn't a big deal to Webb.

"It's like natural instincts, now," Webb said. "I've been doing it for a minute, so it's nothing new to me. Yeah, it's unusual, but I'm a football player. I love the game of football. I have a passion for it. No matter what position I'm at, I just love being on the field."

That's not been lost on head coach Bill O'Brien.

"Joe's a guy that's going to go out there every day and do anything that we ask him to do," O'Brien said. "He's been good since he's been here, as far as just being a good teammate and being somebody that embraces his role and tries to get better every day."

Webb scrambled four times for 42 yards and twice got the Texans offense into the red zone.

"One of the main things is moving the chains," Webb said. "My legs are one of my weapons. So if I need to use my legs from time to time, I will."

Webb and the Texans will practice against the 49ers this week at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

Take a look as the Houston Texans led the city to their first win Game 1 of the preseason in Kansas City against the Chiefs.

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