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Johnson visits elementary school


The students of Bastian Elementary have a friend in Andre Johnson

Tuesday afternoon in South Houston, All-Pro wideout Andre Johnson returned to one of his favorite places in town: Bastian Elementary School.

For the past few years, the Texans pass catcher has visited the school and passed out prizes to students there, and he's been happy to return on a regular basis. He was emphatic about wanting the kids to study, listen to their teachers and strive to do learn as much as they could.

"When you make a commitment to something, it's something you want to keep doing," Johnson said of his trips to Bastian. "I've been blessed to be able to keep doing what I've been doing with this school, so it's something that I'll continue to do."

In conjunction with H-E-B, Johnson passed out prizes to children who answered trivia questions correctly. He was enthusiastically met with cheers, and a sea of raised hands when he started asking the kids questions.

"It feels good," Johnson said of the experience, and the warm reception he received Tuesday. "You don't really know how to react to it but every time I've been here there's been a great reaction by them."

Johnson added that he saw a Bastian student recently at Reliant Stadium.

"Actually, one of the students here was at the game on Sunday," Johnson said. "He came up to me and was like 'Hey! I remember when you came to my school.' It was kind of crazy. He was down in the tunnel after the game and it just shows what this means to them."

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