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Joseph, Jackson go back-and-forth for INT lead

In the win over Buffalo on Sunday afternoon, Johnathan Joseph's interception and touchdown put the Texans up for good. Kareem Jackson's interception helped the Texans end the game.

The former occurred with 1:23 left in the game. The latter happened with 23 seconds remaining. For the 60 seconds in between, the two were tied in the franchise record books with 15 career interceptions as Texans. Jackson's pick broke that tie, and pushed him ahead to 16.

And that was just fine with Joseph.

"Me and Kareem, we're basically like brothers," Joseph said. "We've been here forever. So I'm just as happy for him as he is for me. Any time we make a play, any time any guy on this team makes a play. We're kind of going back-and-forth on this interception lead. So we've got to put a little wager or something on it."

Jackson was a first-round pick for the Texans as a cornerback out of Alabama in 2010. This offseason he switched positions to safety.

Joseph, meanwhile, joined Houston as a free agent in 2011. The trading of the franchise interception lead is something the two enjoy.

"That's a good thing: that we kind of go back-and-forth," Jackson said. "We're making some plays for the defense. There's nobody else I'd want to go back-and-forth with, other than Joe. He's a great player."

It was Joseph's first interception of the season, and Jackson's second in 2018. When Joseph scored, it was a familiar sight for head coach Bill O'Brien. 

"Seems like he's done that a couple of times every year that I've coached him, that we've been here," O'Brien said. "He's very smart."

To the best homefield advantage in the NFL, thank you fans!

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