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Justin Reid outlines goals for rookie minicamp

Justin Reid's first work as a Texan began on Friday. The third round pick was chosen 68th overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, and he was the first rookie to meet with the media before the first rookie minicamp practice.

The safety detailed what he hopes to accomplish this weekend.

"I want to impress them with the energy that I bring," Reid said. "I want to impress them with my due diligence with how hard I've been reviewing the playbook, with how much that I know and how I can learn quickly, see how I can provide an impact early on."

Reid was the first player chosen by the Texans in this year's Draft, and the Stanford product said his brief time with his new teammates has been very positive.

"It's been real, real cool," Reid said. "It's already starting to feel like a brotherhood, especially with the rookie minicamp and being with all the guys here and getting to hear their stories and their journey on how they got here. It's been a lot of fun."

Head coach Bill O'Brien hasn't had much time around Reid yet, but has liked everything he saw in the evaluation process.

"Just got here, so really just kind of going off of what we've seen leading up to the draft," O'Brien said. "Good size, good speed, smart guy. Guy that's a versatile guy, can do some different things, can help us on special teams, can obviously help us on defense. But he just got here so we'll see how he does in our system moving forward here."

Reid said he came to Houston prepared. He did so by studying up on his new team.

"Before I came down here, I downloaded five of the most recent games," Reid said. "I watched the Kansas City game, I watched the Patriots game – really to get a feel for the type of team and the type of guys that we have here, try to get a feel for the system, what I saw other players doing around me."

Reid and the rookies will practice again on Saturday at the Houston Methodist Training Center, with meetings in the morning and after the practice in the afternoon and evening.

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