Keenum, Texans prep for Jaguars

Case Keenum was a winner for the first time under center on Sunday. That victory over the Ravens, though, is in the rearview mirror.

"That's one thing I learned about the NFL," Keenum said. "You don't have time, whether it's win or not win, to feel sorry for yourself or celebrate too hard. It's on to the next week. It's on to the next team, the next opponent. It's another opportunity to go out and prove yourself."

Keenum and the Texans practiced Wednesday at the Houston Methodist Training Center, and according to head coach Bill O'Brien, Keenum's mind is sharp.

"He's a smart guy," O'Brien said. "He does a lot of work on his own. Yesterday we could email him things. Put stuff on his iPad. He had a good grasp of what we were talking about this morning. He understands the scouting report. The first, second, third down gameplan. What we try to do. What they're doing, up to this point. He prepares. He went out there and had a decent practice today. He'll be ready to go."

Quarterbacks coach George Godsey was most impressed with Keenum's "command of the huddle" in Sunday's win, and explained why that's such a difficult feat.

"We're asking him a lot of things to do, with maybe some checks and just coming back from being away long," Godsey said. "It's really refreshing to see how quickly he grasped it."

Keenum and the Texans did a little bit more work than they normally do on Monday, before breaking yesterday. They'll have Christmas Day off on Thursday, and wrap up the practice week on Friday. It's been a topsy-turvy existence for Keenum, who was perched in a tree hunting deer 10 days ago.

"There's really no normal right now," Keenum said. "I couldn't even believe it's Christmas Eve. I haven't done a whole lot of shopping in the past few days, so we'll see about that."

The Texans kick off against the Jaguars on Sunday at noon CT inside NRG Stadium.

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