Kenny Stills makes impact, with "more to come"

Deshaun Watson "kind of peeked" at Kenny Stills' 37-yard go-ahead touchdown catch Monday night.

The rest of us got a peek into what he and the Texans might accomplish this season and beyond.

The wide receiver spent the previous four seasons in Miami, and was traded to the Texans nine days before the Monday-nighter at New Orleans. Stills was given a limited amount of the playbook in that short time, but saw enough of it to be able to snare a Superdome-silencing scoring grab against the Saints. Part of what Stills saw that week in practice was put into motion on that final catch, as Watson liked the defensive look New Orleans showed him before the snap.

"I knew exactly what they were in, so I knew exactly where Kenny was going to be," Watson said. "We practiced it all week and it happened."

Stills, who's now averaged 15.9 yards per catch over the course of his seven-year NFL career, picked things up quickly according to head coach Bill O'Brien.

"He's a smart guy," O'Brien said. "He came in and I think there was a lot of carry-over from what he had been doing in Miami, similar terminology especially with formations and personnel groupings and things, so he was able to pick right up and made some good plays."

He finished with 37 yards on three catches. While the touchdown grab was incredibly important, O'Brien reiterated that the Texans are just scratching the surface with how they'll be able to utilize Stills and the rest of hte new faces in the offense.

"Stills just got here, right, so we just used him in certain packages, didn't try to over load him although he can handle it, I mean he's a really smart guy," O'Brien said. "But no, there'll be more to come relative to all of those guys."

The Texans have Tuesday off, and will practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They host the Jaguars on Sunday at noon CT.

See photos of Texans Players arriving at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for today's game against the New Orleans Saints. Arrival photos are presented by Palais Royal.

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