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Keshawn Martin to handle kickoff and punt returns

Wide receiver Keshawn Martin return kickoffs and punts Monday night at San Diego.

During a Friday press conference, head coach Gary Kubiak said the second-year returner will do both. Martin took over those responsibilities from Trindon Holliday last season during Week 6. On punts, he was fifth-best in the NFL with 12.1 yards per return, but he wants to improve upon that in 2013.

"I just gotta make those explosive plays that I know I'm capable of," Martin said. "I'm excited to see what we're going to do this Monday."

Whenever free safety Ed Reed is back at full-strength, Kubiak said strong safety Danieal

Manning might return kickoffs, as he did during the playoffs last season. Manning also was a frequent returner during the 2011 campaign.

"Keshawn will do both," Kubiak said. "I'd like to use Danieal. Until Ed gets healthy, I don't think you'll see Danieal back there, but you'll definitely see him in the regular season."

On six kickoff returns last January in the playoffs, Manning averaged 43.8 yards a return. His first return in the loss at New England was a 94-yarder. He returned just one kickoff in the regular season, but that will change in 2013.

"Yeah, we did it later last year," Kubiak said. "I think you'll see it earlier as long as Ed's healthy and we're healthy on the back end with the numbers of safeties we've kept on this team. Then I would feel comfortable doing it."

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