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Madden Ratings for Texans rookies...and HBD Goose | Daily Brew


Good morning my friends. Hope your Wednesday is excellent. A teensy-tiny cup of French vanilla creme and a packet of Splenda are pairing nicely with my iced coffee this am.

Today we have Madden ratings, a sports medicine shoutout, some memories from long ago, and...'Talk to me Goose'.

But first...this time in a week, we'll be out in the furnace for the first Texans Training Camp practice of 2023. It all kicks off next Wednesday morning at 9.

Let's start with Madden ratings. The NFL video game for 2024 is coming out in a few weeks, and EA Sports released this fun video below with some prominent rookies. Quarterback C.J. Stroud and defensive lineman Will Anderson, Jr. took part in it, and they had some funny moments.

-Speaking of quarterbacks, Stroud, Case Keenum and Davis Mills were analyzed by our very own John Harris in this breakdown article yesterday on the site.

-Also, there was some news in the sports medicine world recently with the Texans.

-I had a fun time answering fan questions in 'Dear Drew'. We covered Battle Red pants coming back, who's next in the Ring of Honor, and a lot more.

-Since we brought up Battle Red Day...

Also, I enjoyed this tweet yesterday about former linebacker Brian Cushing. He and the Texans went on the road to Cincinnati and won. Houston's taken eight of the last 10 meetings (including two playoff contests) between the two teams.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Anthony Edwards. Goose dying in 'Top Gun' was a tough moment in my 9-year old mind. But I got over it about a half hour later when Maverick smoked those three MiGs and saved the day.

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