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Martinez promotes Play 60


Glenn Martinez and a young Texans fan talk football

On an overcast Tuesday morning near downtown Houston, Texans wide receiver Glenn Martinez took a couple hours out of his lone day off of the week and talked with kids about the value of nutrition and exercise.

From 10 a.m. to noon, Martinez, along with Houston Texans Cheerleaders Ariana and Tracy, spoke to about 100 children at Ripley House Charter School. After hearing the quick pep talks--in both English and Spanish from Martinez—the group went through football drills as part of the NFL's Play 60 program.

"Getting the opportunity to come out here and share with these kids and share your experiences, that's a great thing," Martinez said. "Getting to interact with the kids is great. I'm a father myself, and that's the greatest gift of all. To come out here and give back to the community is awesome."

{QUOTE}Martinez, who is bilingual, also explained the importance of both a balanced diet and at least an hour's worth of physical activity every day, and teachers at Ripley House appreciated his help.

Sabrina Castro emphasized that the talk by Martinez, and his play afterward with the kids, will make a solid impact.

"It's very important," said Castro, a teacher at Ripley House. "Especially in this community, when a lot of them come from Spanish-speaking homes."

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