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Matt Schaub excited about DeAndre Hopkins, Texans draft


Matt Schaub watched the 2013 NFL Draft like a lot of fans probably did.

Schaub was at home for much of the draft, looking up YouTube videos of the Texans' picks as they were announced. He also had a group text message going with teammates including quarterback T.J. Yates.

The Texans' Pro Bowl quarterback liked what he saw, starting with wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in the first round.

"I'm very excited about all the picks," Schaub said on Monday at Reliant Stadium. "Obviously, being an offensive guy, to get a weapon like DeAndre early in the draft, very excited to get him here and work with him and bring him along because he can really help us and add a dimension to our offensive game. Some of the linemen we've taken and all the other guys on the defensive side can really help us. Very pleased with how Coach (Gary) Kubiak and (general manager) Rick (Smith) and all the guys upstairs handled the draft for us."

Schaub played at the University of Virginia, a conference rival of Hopkins' Clemson Tigers.

"He's an ACC guy, so I followed him closely," Schaub said. "Being at Clemson, obviously I'm a little bit before his time, but you see some of the games and you see the explosiveness, what he can bring to an offense, run after catch, his ability to go up and catch the football in traffic. Just very excited about his playmaking ability, and his tough-minded nature of how he plays. That physical presence, I think, is something that we look for at every position."

In a show of leadership, Schaub texted Hopkins after he was drafted on Thursday night around 10 p.m. CT.

"It's very important (to do) for all the picks, but especially an early pick and being an offensive guy and someone that we're going to be joined here for a while between me, him and 'Dre (Andre Johnson) and Arian (Foster)," Schaub said. "So I just wanted to welcome him and let him know that there's a lot of work ahead."

Schaub said he was lying around at home after he texted Hopkins. He didn't expect to get a call back at such a late hour amid the chaos Hopkins was dealing after being selected.

"The type of kid that he is, he called me back about five minutes later and we talked for about 10 minutes," Schaub said. "Just shows his character and what he's all about."

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