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Houston Texans

MRI reveals "minor strain" for Andre Johnson


Wide receiver Andre Johnson sent a scare through Texans training camp on Sunday morning when he left practice with a groin injury, but an MRI revealed that it was just a mild strain.

Johnson was in good spirits after the Texans' Sunday afternoon practice, joking with reporters that doctors said they might have to cut off his leg before he delivered his actual prognosis.

"It's just a minor strain," Johnson said. "It will be a week or so and I'll be back out here. Nothing that I'm not used to, doing rehab. I started doing a little rehab before I came out here, just trying to get back out on the field."

Johnson suffered the injury in the morning practice after stretching out for a ball and hitting the ground hard at the Methodist Training Center.

"My groin tightened up on me," he said. "It just got tight, and I guess after everything I've been through last season, they just wanted me to get an MRI to make sure everything wasn't worse than it was. It just tightened up on me."

Johnson, 31, was 100 percent for the start of training camp after missing nine games last season with hamstring injuries and having arthroscopic knee surgery in May. Sunday's injury was yet another setback, but Johnson said he'd rather have it happen now than later.

"It was very frustrating, but it happens," Johnson said. "I wish I had some control over it, but unfortunately, I don't. (I'll) just keep working and try to get better.

"When I came back from getting an MRI, I had a bunch of the guys come up and ask me what was going on. It's great to have teammates that are concerned about you. But I'm fine. They can tell that I'm fine. They can see that I'm walking around. I'm not limping or anything. It's just a strain and like I said, I'm working to do everything I can to get right back out here."

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak said he was relieved to know that Johnson's injury was not serious.

"I felt pretty good, though, because he wanted to go back out there (during the morning practice)," Kubiak said. "When a guy is telling you that, I don't think it's too bad until the doctors take a look at it. We're just very fortunate. He's a guy we need to get out here and get working, him and Matt (Schaub), and he knows that. We've got to be smart here and get him to wherever that point is. Is it next week, or whatever, but we just need to get to work and get ready for the season. I think he probably took a big breath, too."

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