Mueller presser transcript

New Orleans Saints director of player personnel Rick Mueller interviewed for the general manager position with the Houston Texans on Tuesday. Following are his remarks to the Houston media.

(on his message to the Texans) "I didn't really have a message.  I don't think I have a message.  I don't think they're really looking for a message.  I think they're looking more for a fit; looking for somebody they're comfortable with, so we'll see where that goes."

(on how the interview went)"I thought it went good; it was a good day.  I got to see a little bit of practice.  I spent most of the day with Mr. McNair and coach Kubiak, and I think it went well.  It was very informative, I think they've got a good organization, and I think there's good leadership at the top.  It was a good day."

(on if he has the experience that the Texans are looking for in a general manager) "I think so.  I would hope so, and I think that's why they brought me in is there's something there that they'd like to explore.  They certainly have a process in place that they want to go through, and they're getting through it, and hopefully I fit in there."

(on what it would mean to get the job)"I think it's big.  It recognizes that you've done something and that you're headed in the right direction and somebody thinks you can do things the right way, and I think that's what we've tried to do and that's what we're going to continue to do.  But it means a lot to me, I'll say that."

(on if he knows when the Texans will get back to him) "You know, they have not.  I don't know what their time frame is.  I think it's an important decision for them; I think it's a process they're going through, and again, I think they're going to be very meticulous about it.  They have an idea of exactly what they want to do and I think they're going to take their time with it, and we'll see how that goes, but I have not heard a time frame and I have not really put a time frame on it, myself."

(on if this was his first opportunity to interview for a general manager position)"Yes it is.  Yes it is.  You know, I've been in New Orleans now for six seasons, going on seven, and this is my first opportunity as a general manager."

(on the draft being a difficult decision) "It wasn't a difficult decision for us. Really it was a good year to be in the top five I think. There were a lot of players up there that in any given year could have probably been the number one overall pick.  From that standpoint it was a good year to be one or two. It was a hectic time and it was a little surprising first of all because all you heard was they were going to take Reggie (Bush) and they ended up going with Mario (Williams), which I can understand the process in that.  We felt Reggie was the best guy for our organization and the best guy for our team and that is the direction we went."

(on his older brother being in the business) "He has always been a mentor to me.  We both started at a young age, we probably both started in the National Football League in some capacity be it a ball boy or a scouting assistant at 17 or 18 years old.  From that process, he is older than I am, but he has always been a good sounding board for me and kind of a mentor and we're very close. That has been very important. He's had a lot of success and he certainly knows what he's doing and has done a good job and has certainly set a good example. I'm certainly proud of that."

(on if he picked his brother's brain before arriving in Houston) "I talked to him a few times.  Basically his advice was to be myself and obviously I think that is what I'll do and what I have done. I have certainly talked to him a few times about this opportunity."

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