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Houston Texans

New Reliant Stadium video displays in the works

The largest in-stadium HD video displays in the world are currently under construction at Reliant Stadium. Texans president Jamey Rootes addressed the media on Monday to discuss the specifics of the videoboard presentation that will be in effect for the start of the 2013 preseason.

Videoboard enhancements include a 561 percent increase in display surface area, jitter-fee HD images with 4.4 trillion colors, and additional slow-motion instant replay that will capture four more camera angles with the capability of showing network television replay footage. In-game statistics will be presented on the videoboard displays, as will out-of-town scores and fantasy football updates. PHOTOS: Videoboard renderings

"We're continuing to invest in the quality of our experience," Rootes said. "It's already rated the best in the National Football League, but fans' expectations rise. What they get at home has gotten so good, we really needed to take a leap forward, and I think we've done that."

Rootes believes the installation of the new and improved video display boards will better Houston's chances of hosting Super Bowl LI at Reliant Stadium in 2017. NFL owners will vote on the site at meetings in Boston in late May.

"This is going to be an important part of our presentation to the ownership," Rootes said. "An opportunity to have the Super Bowl presented with the largest stadium video display in the world, at least at the present time, we think will be a compelling selling point for our bid."

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Vision Systems Division, the new boards will have an image area of 52.49 by 277.17 feet, totaling 14,549 square feet of display surface and weighing in at more than 100 tons each.

Other recent notable Diamond Vision installations include the Dallas Cowboys (Cowboy Stadium), New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium), Green Bay Packers (Lambeau Field), Boston Red Sox (Fenway Park), and Seattle Seahawks (Century Link Field).

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