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New wrinkles on offense a collaboration

The Texans have run unique plays out of unique formations this season.

Never was that more evident than last Sunday in Seattle, when at times they lined up in a bit of an inverted wishbone.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson and his dynamic skillset, in union with his sharp football mind, has allowed Bill O'Brien and the Texans coaching staff to do a lot, and the planning process has been creative.

"You kind of get in that room together and you start tossing around ideas and then somebody comes with an idea and a certain formation and then something clicks with somebody else where they say, 'You know what else we could do off of that same type of look but give it a different flavor to it.' So, it's fun," quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan said.


The Texans are riding a five-game streak where they've scored 30 points or more, and they're averaging 39 points per game in that span. Watson is the trigger-man on the field, and he's tied with Carson Wentz atop the NFL's leaderboard in touchdown passes. Both have 19 apiece. Watson's enjoyed seeing what O'Brien, Ryan and company have cooked up as each new gameplan gets presented.

"Always," Watson said. "Everything is just kind of, window dressing and being able to do different things and be successful at doing it – it's fun. It makes the game fun. So, the whole offensive group is really enjoying it, and we're just going to continue to do that."

Left tackle Chris Clark echoed Watson's sentiments, and is a big fan of the "new and fresh ideas" coming up on a weekly basis, offensively.


"We love to be a part of those things and just building off what we did the week before," Clark said. "That's all we want to be. We just want to be a great offense and just keep it rolling."

For his part, O'Brien has maintained that the creativity is all focused on squeezing the most out of the talent assembled on offense.

"We try to look at the skillset of the guys that we have and try to think of what's the best way to move the ball," O'Brien said. "We don't look at it as creative, not creative. We just kind of (say), 'This is what's best for our team.'"

O'Brien and the Texans host the Colts on Sunday at noon inside NRG Stadium. They'll practice again on Thursday and Friday.

Check out some of the best shots from Wednesday's practice as the Texans prepare for Sunday's game against the Colts.

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