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No matter the climate, Texans say they're prepared

It shouldn't snow or freeze this Sunday in Buffalo.

But even if it did, the weather wouldn't matter to the Texans. They say they're ready for anything.

"I grew up in Wisconsin, so I'm looking forward to this weekend's weather," defensive end J.J. Watt said. "This is going to be good."

According to an forecast for Orchard Park, NY, the high temperature will be 51 degrees on Sunday, with partly sunny skies and winds out of the southwest around eight miles per hour. Should it change, and if it's drastically different on gameday than the predictions, head coach Bill O'Brien said it doesn't matter.


"You never know what the weather's going to be in Buffalo and our guys, like we said, we try to put a team together that's built for all kinds of weather, and whatever it is we've got to play in it," O'Brien said.

Offensive coordinator George Godsey isn't worried about his unit's ability to operate, as quarterback Brian Hoyer is an Ohio native who played collegiately at Michigan State, spent time in cold-weather climes like New England and Cleveland in the NFL.

"Brian has played in the cold weather too, as far as throwing, so I mean we haven't talked about it much to be honest as a unit," Godsey said.

In Week 10, the Texans triumphed at Cincinnati, when the temperatures were in the 50's with light showers. That was the coldest weather they played in this season. For cornerback Johnathan Joseph, he and his teammates don't need to worry about the gameday temperature.

"If you want to be a good team in this League, and be able to play in some of these late games, you have to go and play in any climate," Joseph said. "Whether it's pouring down rain and snow, freezing, or you're in a dome like here at home. Whatever the situation calls for, that Sunday or Monday or whenever it is, you have to be able to go and play in it and adjust."

Kickoff against the Bills is set for noon CT. The Texans will practice on Thursday and Friday at the Houston  Methodist Training Center, and fly to Buffalo on Saturday.


Check out shots from Wednesday's practice as the Texans prepare to face the Bills on Sunday.

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