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Numbers to Know: 2016 Houston Texans schedule

0- Number of times they'll play NFC teams in back-to-back weeks

1- Sunday Night Football appearance: Week 6 at home vs. Colts

2- The number of times the Texans have back-to-back home games: Weeks 1 & 2 vs. the Bears and Chiefs and Weeks 15 & 16 vs. Jaguars and Bengals

5- Prime time kickoffs: Week 3 @ Patriots, Week 6 vs. Colts, Week 7 @ Broncos, Week 11 @ Raiders, Week 16 vs. Bengals

6- Contests against 2015 playoff teams: Week 2 vs. Chiefs, Week 3 @ Patriots, Week 5 @ Vikings, Week 7 @ Broncos, Week 13 @ Packers, Week 16 vs. Bengals

10- Games broadcast on CBS

11- Games with Noon CT kickoffs


16**- Degrees in Fahrenheit, of the average historical LOW temperature in Green Bay on December 4

33-Degrees in Fahrenheit, of the average historical HIGH temperature in Green Bay on December 4

657-number of miles from Houston to Nashville, which is the Texans shortest road trip of season

765- number of miles from Houston to Mexico City, which is the Texans 2nd-shortest road trip of season

15,240- number of miles, round trip from Houston to Naha Field in Okinawa

15,308- number of miles, round trip, the Texans will travel in the 2016 regular season

*Below is a table with the mileage the Texans will travel on the road in 2016.

Nashville 657 1,314
Indianapolis 846 1,692
Jacksonville 815 1,630
Minneapolis 1,040 2,080
Denver 861 1,722
Boston 1,590 3,180
Green Bay 1,080 2,160
Mexico City 765 1,530
TOTAL 7,654 15,308


The Texans will travel 15,308 miles in the 2016 regular season, and play in these venues.

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