O'Brien: 2 key areas where Ryan Mallett can improve

Bill O'Brien is optimistic about Ryan Mallett's future.

As he said after Sunday's loss at Carolina, Mallett did some things well and struggled at other times.

During Monday's 'Bill O'Brien Show" on Texans Radio, the head coach detailed a few key areas where Mallett can get better.

"Part of what we have to work on this week, some of the checkdowns and the shorter throws," O'Brien

said. "He does throw very hard. We've gotta work on his footwork. Some of those things he can clean up. When he's on the money with his footwork, and his throwing motion and things like that, he's really very, very good."

Mallett completed 27-of-58 passes for 244 yards at Carolina. He threw a touchdown, ran for another, and was picked off once. Ultimately, O'Brien stressed that game reps will go a long way toward the fifth-year quarterback's improvement.

"I think the more he plays, the better he'll get," O'Brien said. "When you look at it, he's only played really three games in this League. So I think the more experience he gets, the better he'll get."

After the game on Sunday in Charlotte, Mallett was already looking ahead to the week of practice.

"We have to go watch the film, make our corrections and put them behind us," Mallett said. "Can't dwell on the past, now it's over, we have to move on and get better. That's all we can do now."

Mallett and the Texans players were off on Tuesday, and return to practice on Wednesday at the Houston Methodist Training Center. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit NRG Stadium for a noon CT kickoff this Sunday.


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