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Houston Texans

O'Brien: 3 things the Texans MUST improve

Eight games into his tenure as head coach, Bill O'Brien has a 4-4 record. He picked up his fourth win on Sunday at Tennessee, and he got that fourth win faster than his two predecessors in Gary Kubiak (12 games in 2006) and Dom Capers (13 in 2002).

With half a season to play, O'Brien said the Texans must do a better job understanding "who we are" as a football team. He then listed a key point from each of the three phases of the squad--offense, defense and special teams--that must improve.

1. "Offensively we have to understand how important it is to be in manageable third down situations

because once we get that first first down we get into a pretty good rhythm."

2. "Special teams wise, I believe we need to cover kicks better. We have guys on there that have really shown flashes of really doing a good job of that. They just need to do that more consistent."

3. "Defensively, we have to continue to stop the run. Stopping the run and getting teams in longer second down and third down situations has been a recipe for success for our defense because it allows us to generate a pass rush, things like that." 


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