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O'Brien shares toughest task for rookies this week

Bill O'Brien and the coaching staff get their first look at the rookies in a Texans uniform.

Friday was the start of the fifth rookie minicamp under the head coach. As he did in the previous four, he explained the most prominent challenge facing these players over the next three days.

"The biggest jump initially is just the mental side of it," O'Brien said in a Friday press conference at NRG Stadium. "The ability to process information and take that information out to the practice field."

O'Brien said the rookies go from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the facilities, and they went through a practice on Friday at the Houston Methodist Training Center. That will be repeated on Saturday as well.

"This is a weekend where we give them a lot of information," O'Brien said. "So they have to figure out how to take notes on a certain thing and how to listen to some other things."

With eight draftees, 13 rookie free agents, 19 tryout players veterans who have less than a year of NFL service, O'Brien and the Texans indoctrinated the newest Texans into their new workplace.

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