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On The Scene: Texans vs. 49ers

Welcome to 'On The Scene', a collection of social media posts and pregame video that gives you an inside look at everything happening at NRG Stadium as we await kickoff between the Texans and 49ers.

Jobs will be won and lost here tonight. Good luck to those fighting for their dreams.

— Marc Vandermeer (@TexansVoice) August 28, 2014

Coming to the #TexansPreseason game tonight? Pick up your game day magazine feat. @Nukdabomb and @HTCBrittan. — Claudia Castillo (@ClaudiaIzet) August 28, 2014

I may or may not have gone home for lunch and played two quarters of tonight's match up on the new Madden. I cannot confirm nor deny that. — Eric SanInocencio (@EricSan) August 28, 2014

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