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One Game at a Time (Sort of) | Daily Brew


Shhh, don't tell Coach Ryans, Nick Caserio or any of the players I'm doing this - but I'm checking out the playoff picture and (gasp) looking ahead.

There are many reasons for doing this and some of them are for logistics. The Texans will play at Indy Week 18 and we still don't know what date that will drop on. It could be a Saturday or Sunday. Travel plans, hotel nights and dinner reservations hang in the balance.

But seriously folks, It could be a tilt to decide playoff fate, and on a short week. Last year, The Titans and Jags hooked up in Week 18 on a flexed Saturday night game for the division. It's possible this could be for the same thing! Possible.

A look at the current NFL playoff picture shows the Texans in the 8th seed in the AFC. Don't pay much attention to the current tie breakers that put them there. You seen the Bengals 'ahead' of the Texans and you want to email Roger Goodell and your Congressman to remind them that the Texans actually beat Cincinnati.

There are so many different possibilities and paths in the next three weeks. That's why we probably shouldn't be talking much about this for another week.

Three weeks ago, the Jaguars were the darlings of the AFC. Now they're gasping for air. But they can still turn the whole thing around. Same with Philly, which had to take the redeye from Seattle after a gut-punch loss.

All of this will come out in the wash in the next three weeks. Win and you're in. Lose one or two and the whole situation gets a lot more complex. That's why coaches keep things in the moment.

Anyway, check out the current 'sitch,' as the kids would say.

We really need to move into Browns week with content and focus but it doesn't hurt to relive some of the angst and eventual joy from one of the most memorable Sundays I can think of. Johnny Harris shares his surgical perspective from the sideline in the match with the Titans. 

We asked Coach Ryans about the ebb and flow of the game and also how he gained knowledge of the 'Oiler factor' (spoiler: Mrs. Ryans played a big role here). Check out the Coach’s show. 

Finally, I don't like to talk much about stats, unless it benefits a Texan! Well, Jonathan Greenard is piling up sacks to the point where the Texans company, historically, is getting very exclusive. Maybe the national media will now learn how to pronounce his name. 

Enjoy the buildup to the Cleveland game. They're super good and Joe Flacco is turning back the clock to provide the Browns with execution they haven't had all year at the quarterback position. It's another tall order and huge game. What else is new!?

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