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OTA recap and 2 Pop Culture defeats | Daily Brew 


Wednesday's Daily Brew is a big 'ol venti iced coffee full of news, with a pack of sweetener and some sugar-free cinnamon roll-flavored creamer stirred in with a fork.

The story of the day is the prominent stuff from Tuesday's open OTA.

Tight end Dalton Schultz met with the media for the first time since signing a free agent deal with the Texans this offseason. He also went 1-on-1 with me and discussed how energized he is about the Bobby Slowik offense, and how he's named for Patrick Swayze's "Road House" character.

'Dre, O.D., and a slew of other former Texans were at practice yesterday. It was great seeing them there.

Plus, Alex Bregman is a Tank Dell fan.

And I'm sad about the end of "Ted Lasso". Yes, yes, I know I'm a week late to the party. I'll explain below.

Two Things...outside the Texans

  • We were on vacation for a chunk of last week and didn't have free time until last night. The final episode of any TV show you love will undoubtedly leave you disappointed. Think about it: you like it, and it's over. You're sad. The same goes for last night's viewing of the "Ted Lasso" finale. I was disappointed. I'm sad it's over. And yes, I dressed up like him for Halloween a year or so.

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