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Owen Daniels helps at Player Development camp

Nearly 200 Houston-area high school football players congregated at Methodist Training center on May 13-15 for the NFL's High School Player Development Program, sponsored by the Houston Texans and the U.S. National Guard. The free camp focused on academic counseling, leadership training, and football skills training.

Texans tight end Owen Daniels attended the event and gave direction to the participants as they ran drills. He was impressed with the kids both for their athletic abilities and goal-oriented mentality.

"You can tell they're real athletic kids," Daniels said. "A couple of them were challenging me, wanted to lock me up or show me how to run routes. Talented guys out there. Hopefully, they can make something of it."

The HSPD participants were referred to the program by their football coaches who believed the players demonstrated leadership qualities such as teamwork, integrity, dedication and commitment.

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