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Path to the Draft: Texans sixth-round picks since 2002



]( "CB Brice McCain")

The Texans have two picks in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, which starts on Thursday, April 25, and ends Saturday, April 27.

The Texans will select the 195th overall pick and the 201st overall pick. CB Brice McCain, the Texans' sixth-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, signed a three-year deal with the team last month. Antonio Brown, who was the 195th pick selected by Pittsburgh in the 2010 NFL Draft, made the Pro Bowl.

Sixth-round draft picks in Texans history:

Year: Player, Pos, College (Overall Pick)
2012: Nick Mondek, T, Purdue (195)
2010: Shelley Smith, G, Colorado St. (197); Trindon Holliday, WR, LSU (197)
2009: Brice McCain, CB, Utah (188)
2008: Dominique Barber, S, Minnesota (173)
2007: Kasey Studdard, G, Texas (183)
2006: Wali Lundy, RB, Virginia (170)
2005: C.C. Brown, SS, La-Lafayette (188)
2004: Charlie Anderson, LB, Mississippi (200)
2003: Drew Henson, QB, Michigan (192); Keith Wright, DT, Missouri (214)
2002: DeMarcus Faggins, CB, Kansas State (173); Howard Green, DT, LSU (190)

Players picked 195th overall since 2002:

*Year: Player, Pos, College (Team)  *  
2012: Nick Mondek, T, Purdue (Houston)
2011: J.T. Thomas, LB, West Virginia (Chicago)
*2010: Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan (Pittsburgh)
2009: James Davis, RB, Clemson (Cleveland)
2008: Donald Thomas, G, Connecticut (Miami)
2007: Deon Anderson, FB, Connecticut (Dallas)
2006: J.D. Runnels, RB, Oklahoma (Chicago)
2005: Craig Bragg, WR, UCLA (Green Bay)
2004: Jeris McIntyre, WR, Auburn (Kansas City)
2003: Antonio Garay, DE, Boston College (Cleveland)
2002: Lamont Brightful , WR, Eastern (Baltimore)

Players picked 201st overall since 2002:

Year: Player, Pos, College (Team)
2012: Matt McCants, T, UAB  (N.Y. Giants)
2011: Stephen Schilling, T, Michigan (San Diego)
2010: Jorrick Calvin, DB, Troy (Arizona)
2009: Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue (Indianapolis)
2008: Steve Justice, C, Wake Forest (Indianapolis)
2007: Rashad Barksdale, CB, Albany State (N.Y.) (Philadelphia)
2006: Marvin Philip, C, California (Pittsburgh)
2005: DeAndra Cobb, RB, Michigan State (Atlanta)
2004: Jeff Smoker, QB, Michigan State (St. Louis)
2003: Kliff Kingsbury , QB, Texas Tech (New England)
2002: Mark Anelli, TE, Wisconsin (San Francisco)

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