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Houston Texans

Players agree: it's our fault, not Gary Kubiak's

After falling to the Rams, 38-13, on Sunday, the Texans' record sits at 2-4 in 2013. Turnovers and penalties were two big problems against Saint Louis, but the players say the blame is on them, and not head coach Gary Kubiak.

"This isn't about Coach Kubiak," linebacker Brian Cushing said. "Coach Kubiak prepares us perfectly for games. What it's coming down to now is us not executing, and not finishing football games."

Running back Arian Foster, who carried the ball 20 times for 141 yards, agreed.

"We aren't executing when we need to, converting third downs, staying on the field, giving our defense a chance," Foster said. "We need to check ourselves."

For his part, Kubiak shared his thoughts on whether or not the players should own up to some of the mistakes.

"Damn right they do," Kubiak said. "But it's also my job to make sure we don't have them. First thing I do everyday is I look at myself."

The Texans lost a pair of fumbles, and were picked off twice. The Rams didn't commit a turnover. At minus-four for the game, Houston is now minus-12 on the year in turnover margin on the season. They also committed seven penalties for 95 yards. And left tackle Duane Brown said the players are to blame for that. Not Kubiak.

"He can't control penalties and turnovers," Brown said. "That's on us as football players and men out there battling to get the job done. It's not his fault and anybody who says that, is wrong."

Defensive end and captain J.J. Watt also shot down the idea that Kubiak was to blame.

"There's no reason that he should take all the blame," defensive end J.J. Watt said. "It's the entire team, every phase. We all need to find a way to be better."

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