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Players, Positioning and High Praise | Daily Brew


Two new Texans players somehow navigated their way through the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo maze and got into the building to meet people.

It's always interesting this time of year when new Texans see their new home, with the field covered in dirt and actual bulls in the bullpen section of seats.

Danielle Hunter already knew this. After moving here from Jamaica at eight years old, he grew up in Katy, and recently attended the Texans- Browns Wild Card game, with the Vikings not in the playoffs.

The X platform, formerly Twitter (Side note to Elon here – I totally get buying Twitter and making it your own. But couldn't we have kept the name? It was a nice brand. Tweet was both a verb and noun and was cute and unique. X is plain and posts are just, well, posts)

Editor's Note: Vandermeer, stop opining about Twitter, I mean X. Your ADHD is really flaring up. Get back on track

Anyway, reaction on X about Hunter (and Mixon) was highly positive.

Speaking of positive social media reaction, congrats to Hannah McNair for getting into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame. Hannah is a bright light who's impossible not to like as she and Chairman and CEO (and husband) Cal make appearances and always seem to have time for the most important people involved in the organization – the fans. Hannah is also Vice President of the Houston Texans Foundation. The reaction to her getting this honor makes me think she should run for office.

If you missed it, Friday morning, the Texans made a trade with Minnesota. They are now out of the first round and have the 42nd pick, pick number 188 and a second rounder next year, from Minnesota. The Vikings are searching for their next franchise quarterback while Nick Caserio is always eager to search for and enthusiastically use draft capital.

Caserio moves up and down the draft board like a Ninja. For now, it appears that a first-round draft party would be an examination of other team's picks. But with Caserio, anything is possible. Stay tuned.

Here is the latest, not including Mixon and Hunter, of what the Texans have done in free agency heading into Friday afternoon. 

If you want to read more about what some current Texans stars think of the new acquisitions, Drew Dougherty asked some fired up players about their new teammates

That's it for now. Just remember, it's still pretty early in free agency. Don't get too far away from that phone. Have a great weekend!

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