Players react to coaching moves


Kyle Shanahan is the youngest coordinator in the league.

The Texans officially have named Alex Gibbs as their assistant head coach/offense and promoted Kyle Shanahan to offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach. The players reacted to the coaching moves.

QB Matt Schaub

(on quarterbacks coach Kyle Shanahan getting promoted to offensive coordinator) "I think that it's an excellent opportunity for him and for our football team to improve and get better because Kyle's such a hard worker. He has proven not only to the quarterbacks who worked with him this past season but to the whole offense that his knowledge is far beyond his years. Age doesn't really matter when you know football as well as he does. That includes the passing game, the running game and defensive schemes. I just think it's going to be a great fit for our team and our offense."

(on his job as a quarterbacks coach last season) "He meant a lot because we really related well to each other, as far as being able to communicate and trust each other. We just worked things out, whether it be in the meeting rooms or on the practice field. We understand how the other thinks and reacts and plays. We could play to each other's strengths and we were able to do that as a coach and quarterback combination."

(on Kyle Shanahan being the youngest coordinator in the NFL) "He understands football and how to be successful. He understands the game today. In the past 10 years, football has changed so much as far as how to be successful as far as how to score points, how to be successful and how to be a good football team. I think Kyle really knows the next steps this offense needs to take. I think he's willing to put in the hard work and the effort to get that done."

WR Andre Johnson

(on quarterbacks coach Kyle Shanahan getting promoted to offensive coordinator) "I think this is something he's worked for. I'm sure this was a goal of his. I think it's a great move for the team. He knows a lot about the game. Him getting the job of offensive coordinator is a great move for our team."

(on Kyle Shanahan being the youngest coordinator in the NFL) "I think he knows a lot about the game. That's all he does is study football. When you talk to him, he understands it so much and he knows so much about it. To me, I feel very comfortable with him in that position. A lot of people may say he's too young, but if you were to sit with him and talk football you would understand why he is getting the position."

(on Alex Gibbs becoming the assistant head coach) "I don't know much about him. I'll get to see when he gets here and I start to work with him. I do know he is a great coach and a great person."

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