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Houston Texans

Porter checks in following loss

Editor's Note: Texans quarterback Quinton Porter is spending his offseason playing in NFL Europa for the Cologne Centurions. He will be checking in periodically with a player diary about his expieriences.

We played our second game of the season against what is thought to be the best team in the league, the Frankfurt Galaxy this past weekend. We came up slightly short as we were unable to get the ball in the endzone on our final drive. I had some personal frustrations during the game as I was unable to find any kind of rhythm to build on my scoring drive in the first quarter. The rotating quarterback situation is something I am going to have to get more used to.

It is important for this team to focus this week and rebound from the loss. A large part of what makes any team good is the ability or inability to respond to adversity. We have had a good weak of practice so far and looks as though we are answering the call.
On a personal note, I feel I am adjusting well to the culture change and learning to get around to different parts of the city on my own. I have picked up a very small amount of German which at least gets me out of looking like a completely ignorant American. I have found that people consider Americans rude in Europe a lot of times simply because we do not make any attempt to speak their language or follow their customs. In general, we Americans expect others to speak our language and adjust to our ways even though we are in their country buying their products, taking their taxis, and asking directions to their places. Since coming to this realization I have made a concerted effort to at least appear to be fitting in. Truthfully, though, I really miss home, Maine, Texas and everything in between. The greatness of this experience will be confirmed when I get back home and reflect.

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