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Houston Texans

Practice insider - Monday


Wide receiver Jacoby Jones runs from defenders, but warms up to the media.

Kubiak does the backstroke: After announcing to the media Sunday that he would decide on position starters early this week, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak said he spoke too soon.

"I'm going to backstroke on that," Kubiak said. "I think I'll come in here on Saturday, and we'll practice, and I'll tell you how those things end up. There's still a couple of issues this week with a few of them, and I think I'll wait until Saturday."

Kubiak is grappling with tough calls at the center, defensive tackle, linebacker and punter positions. The coach would like to see more game action before he makes a decision, especially from Matt Turk and incumbent punter Chad Stanley. Stanley appeared to have recovered from the groin strain he suffered Saturday, but had to leave practice early when his expecting wife went into labor.

"He felt good enough today to come out here and do some kicking, but had that issue come up," Kubiak said. "So I'm hoping tomorrow he's out here and ready to kick."

At center, proven veterans Mike Flanagan and Steve McKinney have both delivered on game day, but each brings a different skill set to the offensive line.

"When you look at Steve (McKinney), he's versatile," Kubiak said. "He can play guard. That helps the team.

"Mike's strictly a center, but they are both veteran guys that have played a lot of football in this league. They get along extremely well, which is important to the nature of the group. And it just gives us flexibility on game day. We can suit seven guys instead of eight, and that helps us on game day."

Charlie Anderson and Danny Clark are dueling for first team linebacker duties, and while Travis Johnson and Anthony Maddox are squaring off at defensive tackle.

Calm, cool and collected:That's how quarterback Matt Schaub has been playing, even when he faced with a notoriously aggressive Dallas defense. And his coach thinks this is just the beginning.
"The thing you see is just a confidence in what he's doing and his composure as a player that hasn't stopped," Kubiak said. "You continue to see it in practice all the time. It's the first time he's been a starter, and I think he's only going to get better - the more he plays, the reps he gets, the more stadiums he goes into and gets put into the fire, so to speak- I think you're going to see the guy just get better and better."

Schaub has been pleased with his pocket presence, but he is more impressed with the way the offensive unit worked as a whole.

"We ran the ball a couple times," Schaub said. "We had timeouts, so the clock was in our favor, and good field position. We had a lot more time than some two-minute drills are afforded. We were able to get down and guys stepped up and made plays. It was all 11 of us walking together."
Staying humble: *Jacboy Jones' quickly moved into the media spotlight after scoring on a 91-yard punt return, his second touchdown punt return this preseason. Writers are tracking his mother who blows a whistle in the stands so Jacoby can find her. Cameras are following him to press conferences after games. But the third-round draft pick out of Lane College isn't letting it go to his head.

"Right now, I pray everyday to stay humble and keep playing the way I'm playing," Jones said. "My teammates push me as well.

"I just look at it like I said before, Jason Simmons said to look at it like a big all-star game and you're playing street ball, run to the light pole, turn around, and catch it. That's what I'm doing. I'm having fun. I'm enjoying it."
Injury note: **Defensive end Anthony Weaver will not dress for Thursday's game against Tampa Bay. He will continue to work out the soreness in his knee and get ready for opening day against Kansas City.

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