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Practice report

* Offensive line shuffle:*After learning of their strengths and weaknesses Saturday night, the Texans took the practice field Monday to improve them.  The offensive line tried Chad Beasley at starting right guard after Zach Wiegert went down with a high ankle sprain in Saturday's preseason opener.  The battle for this position will now be between Beasley and Fred Weary. 

Head coach Dom Capers says the Texans will try out their options until Wiegert is healthy.

"Fred Weary played in the game when Zach went out the other night," Capers said. "But we're going to start out and take a look at Beasley and see how he does this week."

Steve McKinney has confidence in Beasley as well and believes this time should allow him to showcase his talents.

"I think him getting in there and having a chance to run with the ones and getting some good playing time on Saturday night, those are really going to benefit him," McKinney sid. "It's a good opportunity for him to show the coaches and other teams around the league what he can do."

For now, though, the staring right guard position is in limbo.

Tip drill to perfection:The Texans put all their practice to good use during Monday's two-minute drill. With the first-team offense squaring off against the second team defense, the Texans used all their weapons and some luck to get in the end zone. Andre Johnson could not quite haul the ball in, but was able to keep it alive for Corey Bradford to make the grab.

"I was running the option route and Dave (Ragone) threw the ball. I jumped for it and it just bounced off my hands," Johnson said. "We were in a two-minute drill and I didn't want anybody to intercept it. When I looked back, I saw Corey (Bradford) turn around and catch it, so I was pretty happy about that."

With the tip drill coming in handy, the Texans were able to keep the drive alive. Johnson finished it off with a reception in the corner of the end zone.

All in the family:Monday night marked the launch of ESPN Hollywood and had linebacker Kailee Wong not been at practice, he definitely would have tuned in. It's not Wong's longing for the Hollywood scoop that catches his attention, but rather his brother-in-law and show co-host Mario Lopez.

"It's going to be awesome," Wong said. "It's like E! on MTV but instead of mixing celebrities and music, it's a show about how athletes and celebrities interact."

Lopez, who is best known for his role as AC Slater on "Saved by the Bell," is very educated on sports, according to his brother-in-law.

"He's actually a professional boxer," Wong said. "He has had some pro fights but for the most part, he just keeps up with all sports."

Wong said Lopez is planning a trip to Houston next week and did not rule out the possibility of a special guest appearance.

Injury update:For the indoor practice today, the Texans held out eight players: WR Jerome Mathis, CB Chris McKenzie, CB Moreno Pendergrass, LB DaShon Polk, QB B.J. Symons, RB Jonathan Wells, and G Zach Weigert.

The Texans did gain a few back from the injured list though: SS Glenn Earl, TE Billy Miller, WR Sloan Thomas and C Todd Washington.

The Texans will try to remain healthy as they prepare for their joint practices with the Oakland Raiders on Thursday.

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