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Practice report (8/7)

The Dolphins and Texans had a brief practice Saturday morning.

The teams worked out for about an hour before heading inside to prepare for an afternoon scrimmage in Reliant Stadium.* *

BOSTON UPDATE:Dolphins wide receiver David Boston will miss the upcoming season after injuring a ligament in his left knee Friday afternoon.

Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt said the team will look at adding a receiver if necessary, but is confident other receivers, including Chris Chambers, Derrius Thompson and Kendall Newson, can ease some of the pressure.

"There will be more injuries and more things that we have to overcome, not just during training camp but throughout the entire season," Wannstedt said Saturday morning. "This is just part of the deal and how we react to it will play a large part in the progress we continue to make."

Boston had back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in 2000 and 2001 for the Arizona Cardinals. He played in San Diego last season before being traded to the Dolphins.

Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson was covering Boston when the injury occurred. He said Boston was running a fade route when his knees buckled.

Boston is not the first blow the Dolphins offense has taken this off-season All-Pro running back Ricky Williams retired in his prime late last month leaving a large hole at running back.

"Every team has obstacles to overcome," Wannstedt said. "Ours are a little different and ours might be a little bit unusual, but nothing is going to change anybody's mindset. We came out here this morning and had a good practice."

Texans head coach Dom Capers sympathizes with Wannstedt.

"It's part of the game," he said. "One of the things that you know is that every player out there could be one play away from not being out there. That's why the teams that are always there fighting for it there at the end are the ones that are fortunate to stay healthy. Then if you don't, you've got to have excellent depth."

PROUD PAPA:Linebacker Kailee Wong and his wife Marissa are now proud parents.

Capers said Wong would return to the team for Monday night's meetings.

"We hope every thing is going well and we're going to look forward to seeing him back in the meeting room with a big smile on his face, hopefully with a bunch of cigars," he said.

SPECIAL TEAMERS:Cornerback Demarcus Faggins blocked a field goal attempt by Dolphins kicker Olindo Mare during special teams drills. Free safety Marcus Coleman returned the block for a score.

TEXANS INJURIES:Capers expects center internal-link-placeholder-0 and tight end internal-link-placeholder-1 to return to the practice field Monday.

Center Dennis O’Sullivan sprained his right MCL in Friday afternoon's practice and will miss some time.

Capers was unsure of tight end Jabari Holloway’s status but said he would like to have him back on the field sometime next week. Holloway injured his groin last week.

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