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Practice report: Dunta welcomed back


The Texans practiced outside Sunday morning and welcomed back cornerback Dunta Robinson to the squad. He and the rest of his teammates began preparations for the season opener next Sunday against the Jets.

Dunta's return: After signing a one-year contract and going through a physical, Robinson went through individual work two fields away from his teammates.

"We put him through a little conditioning so that (strength and conditioning coach) Ray (Wright) and that (head athletic trainer Geoff) Kaplan can see where he is physically," coach Gary Kubiak said. "If he is physically where I think he is, he'll be right back out here on the field Tuesday ready to go. He sure looked good from afar."

When asked about whether or not there was any lingering resentment over Robinson's holdout, Kubiak was quick to dismiss that notion.

"I've wanted him back since March, but I understand the business," Kubiak said. "I understand what he went through. I understand the franchise (tag). I've been around all that and it's time to play football. We've got a big game here in seven days and none of those things are an issue right now. Football's the issue."

Proud to be a Texan: Quarterback Rex Grossman lit up the Buccaneers' secondary on his first pass attempt Friday night, connecting with Jacoby Jones for an 87-yard touchdown strike. In all, he led the Texans on five scoring drives and was 9-of-16 for 197 yards passing. On Saturday, the pecking order behind Matt Schaub was a little cloudier, as Grossman closed the gap on Dan Orlovsky.

"I'm excited that I'm getting some reps and getting some consideration," Grossman said of the new situation behind Schaub. "I'm going out there to prove not only to the Texans, but to everybody, that I can still play. Hopefully, I did that and I'm in a pretty good situation. I love this team. There's a lot of talent and I'm just trying to get in where I fit in."

{QUOTE}Grossman, who had an up-and-down career with Chicago and took quite a bit of grief at times, was asked about what he wants Bears' fans to know right now.

"I'd like them to know that I'm a Houston Texan and proud of it," Grossman said. "But I haven't done that much. I've played three quarters and I'm still trying to learn this offense. My confidence is pretty high right now. I like this offense: There's always a place to go with the ball."

As for Orlovsky, he said he wasn't affected by the change in how the backup quarterback position is viewed now.

"I've never been too concerned with that no matter what my position was," Orlovsky said. "I know what Coach (Kubiak) brought me in here to do. I've looked at it the same as the first day I got in here. I'm going to prepare like I've got to take the first snap (against the Jets). That will always be my mindset, and it would be an injustice to my teammates if I didn't do it that way."

Brian's back: Rookie linebacker Brian Cushing mixed it up in practice today and was enthusiastic about his first significant experience with his defensive teammates.

"More than anything, I'm just happy to be out there," Cushing said. "I'm 100 percent now. I've got the (knee) brace on still and I expect to wear that for a couple more weeks, but I'm just getting ready for week one."

Cushing missed quite a bit of practice time in training camp due to the knee injury, but he says he made the most of his time away from the field by working on other components of his game.

"I know the playbook," Cushing said. "I think I benefitted. I was able to learn more and on top of that I was able to save my body. I haven't been doing the pounding every day of camp and I'm a lot fresher than these guys are right now. I've been working hard in the weight room and working hard in the training room."

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