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Practice report: Schaub is strong


Gary Kubiak and the Texans look for a win Sunday against the Raiders

The Texans practiced outside at the Methodist Training Center Friday in preparation for Sunday's home contest against the Oakland Raiders.

Schaub appreciation: Through the first three games of 2009, quarterback Matt Schaub is near the top of the league statistically in a variety of categories. He's fourth in the NFL with a QB rating of 101.9, trailing only Drew Brees and the Manning brothers. It's fairly remarkable, considering those three all are in charge of undefeated ballclubs.

"I think he's playing this year like he played last year," head coach Gary Kubiak said. "His numbers and the way he handles the football game, they've been the same. If you look at the times he's been on the field, those numbers have held up for him as a player."

Schaub is eighth among all quarterbacks in passing yardage by virtue of impressive performances the past two weekends against Tennessee and Jacksonville. Kubiak would like to see his strong play continue into October and beyond this season.

{QUOTE}"I think he has done a better job through three weeks of this year," Kubiak said. "If he continues to protect the ball, he's got a chance to be one of the top quarterbacks in this league."

Hill out with H1N1: Rookie tight end Anthony Hill has missed the last few days with what was at first thought to be pneumonia.

Today, Kubiak said the diagnosis has changed for the pass-catcher from N.C. State, but that he's on the path to feeling better.

"It's been confirmed that it's a case of swine flu," Kubiak said. "He's doing much better today. We had a few guys feeling ill yesterday but they all came back today doing just fine. We're ready to go."

Kubiak explained that the players, coaches and staff have remained calm about it and been informed about the flu and its symptoms.

"We're taking every precaution we can," Kubiak said. "The good news is, anybody who didn't feel good yesterday came right back and felt good today in practice. We feel like it's very isolated and we're getting ready to go play a game."

Even better, Kubiak said that Hill is doing better and should be out of the hospital soon, if not today.

"He should be fine," Kubiak said. "I think he could possibly get out today. Don't hold me to that, but I was told that he could possibly go home today."

Think pink: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and **the Texans are doing their part** to help fight breast cancer.

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