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Pro Bowl Cheerleader Crystal talks to fans


Texans Cheerleader Crystal performed before a packed Aloha Stadium at the Pro Bowl's Ohana Day Festival. After dazzling the crowd with her dance moves, she took time to answer fan questions on Texans TV. The transcript is below.

1) Texans fan: What have you been doing in Hawaii with the other cheerleaders?

Crystal: We have been working. It's intense practice time. It's a lot of fun, but at the same time we have been doing a whole lot of bonding. We have been getting to know each other and each other's squads better.

{QUOTE}2) Texans fan: What is it like dancing with girls from other squads?

Crystal: It is amazing! It's an amazing experience to hear about all the different challenges they face, all the challenges that we face, all the fun they have, all the fun we have - and also getting to know their squads, talking about their girls and their personalities. So that has been a blast.

3) Texans fan: What girls have you gotten to know best?

Crystal: My roommate is from Denver – Denver, Colorado, so she is a Broncos' girl and we have become really close. It's really hard to call because all of us have been like one big family. I can't pick just one.

4) Texans fan: What new dances have you learned and can you show us your new dance moves?

Crystal: We learned a dance to "Tambourine," which is actually something that the Houston Texans Cheerleaders have performed this season at the football games. That has been awesome – a whole lot of shimmying, a whole lot of shaking. It's perfect for the Hawaiian crowd because they like to shake.

5) Texans fan: What do you have planned for game day and what are you going to wear?

Crystal: I have been going back and forth, but looking at the weather it's a lot like home. It's kind of humid, so I don't want to do the long sleeves. I think I'll do something more strappy so I can breathe more and I'm thinking about maybe a little hula skirt that we have to go with the Hawaiian theme.

6) Texans fan: What's the best part of being a Pro Bowl Cheerleader?

Crystal: I don't even feel worthy. I told my girls that before I left home. It's just such a huge honor. I can't help but emailing them before I go to sleep at night, because I'm like, "You guys don't even understand what you've done for me being here. You can't even imagine how amazing this is." I can't pick one aspect of this whole entire week that's been the most amazing. The whole experience – the bonding, the Texans organization to get me here, the Texans fans – some people will be like, "Hey, Houston! Houston!" and I'm like, "Here I am! Here I am!" That has been amazing!

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