Prosch Pit? Fullback pounds ball late in Texans W

Jay Prosch's name doesn't get mentioned too often after a game. As a fullback, he's called upon primarily to clear holes for the running back. But with a trio of carries for 24 yards in Sunday's win over Tampa Bay, he got a little bit of notoriety.

"Prosch does a lot of the dirty work, so every time they dial anything up for him we want to get it done for him because he's like one of us," center Ben Jones said. "He's gonna come in there and throw everything he has into it. So we were happy to see him get some good runs."

Prosch picked up a first down when he rumbled for seven yards on a 1st-and-5 in the fourth quarter. He

moved a pile about 5 yards down the field, and radio voice Marc Vandermeer joked during the broadcast that he hit a "mosh pit".

Three plays later, on 3rd-and-1, Prosch exploded for 16 yards and another first down. A 1-yard gain a few plays later was his final run of the 24-yard performance. It came on 3rd-and-goal from the two, and it was a chance for him to score.

"I know when they called the play I was telling him, man, if you break it, you better get in the end zone," running back Alfred Blue said. "He said, 'Yeah man, I'm trying to score.' It was good to see another guy carry the ball and have success with it."

With a pair of runs for first down, Prosch was an integral part of prolonging the Texans' signature drive of the game. They burned 6:52 off the clock on the 14-play, 57-yard possession.

Blue carried 31 times for 139 yards, and for Prosch, the Texans' ability to run successfully was key.

"We didn't know exactly how it was going to play out, but we knew we wanted to come into it and be physical and run the ball," Prosch said. "Either way, whatever happened, that's what we were going to do and that's what we did."

On the day, the Texans running backs amassed 185 yards on 45 carries.


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