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Quick Hits: Case Keenum


Name: Case KeenumPosition: QuarterbackCollege: University of HoustonHometown: Abilene, TXWhat words come to mind when you hear the word 'Texas'? "Best state ever. Trucks. Ranches. West Texas."

Do you have a pre-training camp routine? "I always get a haircut right before we get going."

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? "Today I had scrambled egg whites with spinach and turkey and peppers. With fruit. Healthy."

What do you do in between workouts? "Relax, watch film, go through the script for the next practice. I haven't been napping because they cut down the time, but I think I'm gonna take a nap today."

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod? "The most embarrassing song... Probably-- I have a couple of Rascal Flatts songs on there. It's just embarrassing."

Who let the dogs out? "Who? Uh... Me? I thought that was a rhetorical question."

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