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Quick Hits: Danieal Manning


Name: Danieal ManningPosition: Strong SafetyCollege: Abilene Christian UniversityHometown: Corsicana, TXHow many training camps has it been now? "This is eight. They don't ever get easier. I try to make it different; one year I learn something I try not to repeat the next year. I develop that craft through the season and come back for the next camp and try to find out something else about me. This year I'm just trying to learn everything I can about this defense. You can never know too much."

What have you missed most about football during the offseason? "Just being around the guys, the camaraderie. Just around here getting in the stinky pads. Hearing those coaches' voices. Just that kind of stuff where you know you're back in football."

Where's the best place in Houston to grab some food? "My kitchen. My wife is a cook, she can throw down. So that's my favorite place to eat."

What's the best meal that she makes? "If I single out one meal she'll say, 'I thought you liked this one!' So I'm gonna say all of 'em."

Are there any songs on your iPod that you're embarrassed to admit you like? "No, I love music, man. I'm a student of music. I have everything. I love all types of genres from country to r&b, rap, jazz. I listen to it all. No embarrassment with music."

Speaking of music, who has the best singing voice on the team? "So far that I've heard has been our kicker, number 14. The new dude. Andrew Shapiro. He sung last night with (David) Hunter. "

Got any hidden talents? "Hidden talents… I don't know. I'm good at track, baseball, that stuff. But hidden talents like juggling and all that? No. I'm just a jack of all trades. If I try it, I can get good at it."

Lastly, favorite Disney character? "Everybody always goes with Mickey Mouse, I don't like Mickey Mouse. I'm gonna say Goofy. I'm a little goofy myself."

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