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Quick Hits: David Quessenberry


Name: David QuessenberryPosition: TackleSchool: San Jose StateHometown: La Jolla, CAHow are you liking Texas so far? "I'm loving it. The people are great. It's a little different weather-wise than California, but I'm loving it."

What's been the most challenging aspect of training camp? "I'd probably just say mentally being able to grasp and understand all the concepts in the playbook. It's completely different than what I ran in college, and me being out here playing two positions can be challenging at times, but also I think playing both positions makes it better for me to understand the playbook concepts."

I heard you're a big fan of BBQ. Found any good spots in Houston yet? "I'm still looking, but I'll tell you what, every place I've been to has been phenomenal. I made my own BBQ all the time. That's what we did in college; we'd work out, go to practice then come back to the house and just chill, BBQ on those summer days. Ribs, burgers, everything."

You lettered in both football and lacrosse in high school. Do you ever still play lacrosse in your off time? "Yeah, I played lacrosse in high school. It's a great sport. There are some good teams down here in Texas, too, but it's mainly an East Coast thing. You can mess around with lacrosse sticks but you can't really go out and play in the offseason. I'm focused on football now."

Any nicknames? "Yeah, I've got tons of nicknames. You name it. Q, DQ, Quiz, Q-Berry… I got tons of them. And being here there's more coming every day. 'Rookie.'"

Speaking of DQ, what's your favorite type of Blizzard? "I'm a big Oreo guy. I like Oreo milkshakes and Oreo blizzards."

Your truck was stolen a few months ago then found in pretty bad shape. If your truck could talk, what would it say? "It'd say, 'I'm glad to be home, I went on a hell of a ride,' because that thing went all over the place."   


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