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Quick Hits: Duane Brown


Name: Duane BrownPosition: Left TackleCollege: Virginia TechTwitter/Instagram: @DuaneBrown76

You've been on the cover of Black Bride and Groom with your wife and the Style section of the Houston Chronicle. If you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would it be? "I think any guy, no matter what kind of personality he has, would want to be on the cover of GQ. I think that's the ultimate pinnacle of being a man. "

Do you think you're fashion-forward enough for the cover of GQ? "Oh, I'm getting there. I'm getting there slowly but surely."

We know you're a huge advocate of the restaurant scene here in Houston. Where is your favorite place to eat and what do you order there? "The restaurant I frequent the most is probably Eddie V's. I get a lot of stuff there. I get the shrimp tacos, the crab cakes and any kind of steak that they have. Those three I have to have anytime I go there."

Staying on the subject of food, how many slices of pizza do you think you can eat in one sitting? Earl Mitchell said he could eat 40. "Oh wow. No, I'm not going that much. It depends on how big they are. If I'm really hungry, I'd say 20-25."

You're big on social media. Who are your favorite celebrities to follow? "Chad Ochocinco, of course; he's always entertaining. Lil Duval. There's a lot of people I follow that aren't really celebrities but are just hilarious, though. Officially Ice—he's hilarious. He's not a celebrity but he has like 50,000 followers. And Jenny Johnson, the comedian. She's pretty funny, too."

What's your greatest accomplishment off the field? "Just being a good person. Just trying to be an overall good man in all aspects of my life. I'm a son, brother, husband, father and just trying to improve in all those areas as much as possible."

Do you have any hidden talents? "Alto saxophone. I started in sixth grade and played it every year for nine years. I haven't played in a while, but I'm still pretty good at it."

Best album of the year? "Magna Carta –Holy Grail"

If you woke up as Jay-Z, what would you do that day? "Oh, wow. Probably go to an island, turn off all sources of communication, and just relax. Be Jay-Z."

Would you bring Beyonce with you or leave her at home? "That's a trick question! I will not answer that."

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