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Quick Hits: Earl Mitchell


Name: Earl MitchellPosition: Nose TackleSchool: ArizonaHometown: Houston, TXWhat is your favorite thing about Houston? "My favorite thing about Houston would probably have to be my arch nemesis which is Shipley's Donuts. I grew up on those."

Which rookie has impressed you most since the start of camp? "Obviously Hopkins has been flashing a lot of ability with things that he can do to change the game and take a lot of pressure off of 80, and I'm definitely excited about his game playing. We got a lot of young guys that flash a lot of speed, especially on defense. So, I'm excited about all those guys."

Do you have a pregame ritual? "I'm pretty standard. I just like to get here early and stretch, go in the weight room and get a little lift in. Listen to music. Nothing over the top."

What's your go-to karaoke song? "I've never sung karaoke but I've always said that if I was to do it I'd sing 'Low' by T-Pain."

How many slices of pizza can you eat in one sitting? "In one sitting… I'm pretty sure if it was a challenge, I think I could put down like 40."

You're into CrossFit, right? "It's just something I picked up during the offseason. I was kind of just looking at different ways to work out and that was right up my alley and what would translate best for me in terms of how I feel during practice and during games. It takes a lot of heart to do CrossFit so that's really why I did it. I did some research on it and watched people on video and saw how tired they were and how there were people in there that were pushing them. I joined it, and it was really fun for me."

Over the offseason Ben Tate tweeted something negative about CrossFit and a bunch of "CrossFitters" jumped to its defense. Are you as passionate about it?"It's kind of funny, those CrossFit people, they definitely take a lot of pride in it and really get offended when you talk about their sport. And they definitely consider it as a sport. If anybody had anything bad to say about it, I'd ask them to go try it out first."

What would you be doing if you weren't playing football? "If I wasn't playing football, I'd probably be an academic student advisor. I really want to help student-athletes specifically because they might have a hard transition coming into college. That's one thing that I'd do. That or be into wrestling. I was always a big professional wrestling fan when I was a kid."

How many licks does it take till you get to the center of the Tootsie Pop? "One. No, probably two. It doesn't take much for me."

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